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Quality and sustainability


  • With no chemical colourings or flavourings added
  • Without the addition of synthetic antioxidants, which are not able to be easily further used by the metabolism
  • Continuous quality control
  • State-of-the-art production process with a high degree of nutrient digestion
  • Fresh meat processing



  • Rounded nutrition programme for all requirements
  • Special products for nutritionally sensitive dogs
  • Optimal digestibility and wholesomeness
  • Unique recipes, including the use of fresh meat (puppy food)
  • Meat as the main ingredient
  • Exceptionally well accepted and tolerated
  • Pronounced additional benefits of the products (vitality and wellness)
  • Optimum price/performance ratio


Raw ingredients

  • Exclusively high-quality raw ingredients of known origin and quality
  • Many raw ingredients are produced locally
  • No qualitatively inferior vegetable protein extracts are used (e.g., soy)
  • Genetically modified raw materials are dispensed with across the board


Quality certificates

  • IFS (International Food Standard)
  • MSC certificate for sustainable fishing
  • Certification by the testing association "Verarbeitung ökologische Landbauprodukte e.V." in Karlsruhe
  • Certification in accordance with the energy management system DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Winner of a BGN award in 2018: award-winning company for occupational safety
  • Certification by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics


We focus on saving energy

Due to our strong growth, we have invested extensively in new buildings and mechanical systems in recent years. During planning and implementation, our responsibility to the environment has always been an extremely important issue for us, in addition to economic efficiency. In our drive systems, in particular, but also in areas of trade such as lighting, we have focused on modern, energy-saving solutions.


Every investment had to undergo an intensive energy-saving check – and this will also apply in future. This was also consistently implemented in the construction of our high-bay warehouse, which was purchased in 2009. The installed stacker cranes have been equipped with a system that recovers and "feeds back" energy consumed at the time of braking.


In addition, the heat generated during operations in different areas is directed to be used again. Using heat exchangers, it is discharged in production halls and creates pleasant ambient temperatures for employees in the production halls, especially in the winter months. Furthermore, the waste heat is used for heating water, for the communal areas, for example, and is additionally used in drying processes. In addition, we source thermal energy from a neighbouring biogas plant. In close cooperation with our energy supplier, we have been using an energy load profile management system for years. It is important for us to optimise our use of energy with the help of this system.


Our employees discuss potential areas for energy-saving in the workplace at our regular informative events. In order to make our employees even more aware of this topic, we have provided our staff with 10,000 m² of roof space, free of charge, for operating a photovoltaic system. This is an employee capital investment that provides above-average returns and motivates employees to keep even more of an eye on energy throughout the enterprise.


In February 2013, our company successfully underwent certification in accordance with the energy management system DIN EN ISO 50001.


We are convinced that in addition to the current discussion on alternative, promising and sustainable energy production in German industry, there is still considerable potential for savings.


We try to take on a pioneering role. This is due to our own business philosophy, which also keeps in mind our responsibility towards future generations.


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